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Exhibition schedule 2019

Exhibition schedule 2019
Wire & Cable Vietnam 2019
◎ Wire& Cable Vietnam
◆Date :20(Wed)-22(Fri) November 2019
◆Place:International Center for Exhibition in Hanoi
◆Stand Number : #115/#117
◆Co-Exhibitors : Clinton Instrument (U.S.A.)
            Bach Thuan Khang (Vietnam)
            Hanil Machinery Co.,Ltd (Korea)              
◆Official Web : http://www.wireviet.com
◆Exhibit Highlite
   New High Frequency Sparktester HF-15B
   Air Wipers
   Printing machine
Wire SoutheastAsia 2019
◆Date :18(We)-20(Fri) Septermbr 2019
◆Place:BITEC Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre
◆Stand Number : J31,H32
◆Co-Exhibitors : Clinton Instrument (U.S.A.)
                          Hakusan Mfg Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
                          Yield Management (U.S.A.)
◆Official Web : http://www.wire-southeastasia.com/
◆Exhibit Highlite
   New High Frquency Sparktester HF-15B
   Multi Spark Tester Calibrator ST-CAL
   Wire Break Detector BW701
   Tape Break Detector
   Air Wipes
※ There is a possibility to change without notice.

Clinton New Products HF15B

Clinton New Products HF15B

New Products Wire Break Detector

New Products Wire Break Detector
Yield Management was established in 2002 with the introduction of the company’s Award Winning Low Bobbin Detector for braiding machines. Yield Management has continued to expand its accessory product lines with innovative detection systems for stranding and cabling machinery. These accessory products reduce defects and operating costs while improving productivity and yield in Wire & Cable operations.

Wire Break Detectors Videos

Wire Break Detectors Videos
Spool Run-Out Detection system detects broken wires and material run-out on tubular stranding, bow stranding, planetary and rigid frame cabling machines
Tape Break Detection System monitors
Low Bobbin Detection for Wardwell Braiders

Marldon Traverse unit, Air Wipers

Marldon Traverse unit, Air Wipers
Marldon Traverse Unit
The Marldon traverse will operate in a horizontal, vertical or indeed any, plane.



The patented Marldon system has two unique features which overcome the inherent weaknesses in alternative suppliers' designs

  • A solid one-piece housing with fixed, load carrying bushings fitting onto the shaft.
  • A driving system independent of the housing.
Marldon Air Wipes

Types Available

Marldon manufacture 3 types of airwipe covering a wide range of cable / tube sizes and line speeds.

1. Adjustable Orifice Air Wipe - Picture & details

  • Model 688 - from 2 to 12 mm. dia. at speeds up to 350 meters / min..
  • Model 674 - from 3 to 22 mm. dia. at speeds up to 350 meters / min.
  • Model 685 - from 12 - 65 mm. dia. at speeds up to 350 meters / min

2. Adjustable Post Airwipe - Picture & details

  • Model 115 - from 50 to 115 mm. dia. at speeds up to 50 meters / min.
  • Model 150 - from 50 to 150 mm. dia. at speeds up to 50 meters / min.

3. High Speed Airwipe - Picture & details

  • Model 838 - from 0.5 to 8 mm. dia at speeds up to 1000 meters / min.


   New Prodcts
   ・New HF-15B
<<深瀬商事 株式会社>> 104-0033 東京都中央区新川2-2-1 TEL:03-3553-9531 FAX:03-3555-2730