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「Wire Dusseldorf 2020」

「Wire Dusseldorf 2020」
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Dear Customer,
 As a leading manufacturer of electric cables, you might
have interested in new technology to improve your
productivity and quality. We would like to inform you,
it will be held a wire 2018 in Dusseldorf Germany
at Messe dusseldorf from April 16th to 20th. As a regular exhibitor of the show, we present something new and useful.
We will participate with our principal Clinton Instrument
Company and other makers at stand 9E36 and 9E40.
【Exhibition Items】
High Frequency Spark Tester「HF15B」
High Frequency Spark Tester Calibrator「ST-CAL」

・Swiss  Microdia SA
Fixed Centering Crosshead

・England  Tape formers
Tape forming jigs
・England  Marldon Ltd 
Adjustable orrifice Air Wipers
Talc Apprication machine
Traverse unit  
・Germany  Sachsenroder
Stranding machine support roller GESADURE
・Japan  Hakusan manufacturing Co
Heat pressure welding machine
・Swiss  FMS Force measuring systems AG
Force measuring roller loadcells

◆Schedule: April 16th(Mon) ~ 20th(Fri)
◆Place: Messe Dusseldorf

◆Stand location:#9E36/#9E40

◆「Wire 2018」Official web site:


Video Exhibition

Video Exhibition
FMS Wireless tension control system RTM
Clinton spark tester calibration system ST-CAL
FL-20 Cable fault locator
Hakusan Heat Pressure welding machine

Wire Break Detectors Videos

Wire Break Detectors Videos
Spool Run-Out Detection system detects broken wires and material run-out on tubular stranding, bow stranding, planetary and rigid frame cabling machines
Tape Break Detection System monitors
Low Bobbin Detection for Wardwell Braiders
   New Prodcts
   ・New HF-15B
<<深瀬商事 株式会社>> 104-0033 東京都中央区新川2-2-1 TEL:03-3553-9531 FAX:03-3555-2730