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Hakusan Heat Pressure Welders

Hakusan Heat Pressure Welders
Heat Pressure Welders
Heat Pressure Welding and Auto Annealing Process You Tube 白山加熱圧接機(バット溶接)動画

Hakusan Manufacturing Co Ltd

Hakusan Manufacturing Co Ltd
Heat Pressure Welding Technique
■Heat Pressure Welding Machine
The Hakusan Heat Pressure Welder is the most reliable welding machines for wire drawing industries. It performs no-wire breakage during wire drawing process.
Especially, it is very useful high speed wire drawing process. The customers name list makes you good references as good performance.
Easy and simple operation
Repeatable same good welding qualities in every weld
No differences of the welding qualities between un-skilled  workers and very skilled workers
No-wire breakage in during wire drawing process
Repeatable same good annealing qualities in every annealing operation by the using of Pyrometer Controlled Annealing system. (Option for BSH models) and programmable Anneal control system.(Option for BSH models)
BSH Series : For Ferrous Wires
BFH Series : For Copper Wires
BFY Series : For Copper Stranded Wiew and Aluminum Stranded Wires
BL Series   : For Aluminum Wires
BFS Series : For Copper Alloy Wires
BSH         High carbon steel wire
              Alloy steel wires
              Stainless steel wires
              Welding wires
BFH         Oxygen free copper wires
              Electric conductor wires
BFY         Copper stranded wires for power cable conductors
              Aluminum stranded wires for power cable conductors
・BL          Aluminum wires and rods
・BFS         Copper alloy wires
              Brass wires           
Company Profile
■Hakusan Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
The Hakusan Manufacturing Company Limited was founded in 1947 in
Tokyo Japan.
The Hakusan has three divisions as Telecommunication Division,
Machinery Division and Plastic Division. The Telecommunication Division
makes the lightning arresters "Hermester". Subscribers protectors as
NTT(Nippon Telephone and Telegraph) Specification type No.6 and MT Optic
Fiber Connectors etc. The Machinery Division makes the Heat Pressure
Welding Machines for wire cable industries. The Plastic Division makes
various plastic parts for electric appliance industries.
   New Prodcts
   ・New HF-15B
<<深瀬商事 株式会社>> 104-0033 東京都中央区新川2-2-1 TEL:03-3553-9531 FAX:03-3555-2730